Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Meet Milbo!

So, I found this on Pinterest yesterday. 


The only conclusion I can draw is that I’m part Hobbit. I love throwing parties, I’m kind of besotted with lanterns and lights and candles, outside games and rhyming games rock my world, and I can scoff pretty much all of the Hobbit foods on the list without batting an eyelash.

Also: I’m a bit of a geek.* I made my poor friends sit and watch the Hobbit with me a couple of weeks ago, because they’d never seen it, and I had to share the magic. I got more side-eyes for squeeing and shushing them during the movie than I’ve ever had in my whole life. I think it alarmed Justin a little. (It totally did).

In light of making La watch the movie (and despite the fact that she spent more time watching me and feeling a little unnerved), and the fact that I am brainwashing enlightening her, and I’ve got her to agree to see the second Hobbit movie with me by sending her images of Legolas and Fili (Kili’s mine, bitches, hands off), I sent the above image to her. And this is the conversation it spawned:

Me:        Well, then… judging by this, I’m part Hobbit. That explains a LOT! 

La:          Yes… I think you might be. Only Michelle isn’t a very hobbitish name.

Me:        Milbo?

La:          Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! Milbo….. ROFL!

Me:        Milbo Boggins…. I like the sound of that…

La:          Er… that sounds a little dirty.

Me:        Yes, well… there’s a certain dwarf I’d let into my hobbit hole…

Gratuitous Kili hotness
La:          *crickets*

Conclusion:      I’m a dirty, leery hobbit named Milbo, who needs to get laid. Milbo Needsalay? Shit. This is NOT how I imagined my Wednesday going.

(Do hobbits x and o? I'm not the best geek out there...)

Milbo Needsalay Boggins 

* I prefer the term ‘geek’ to ‘nerd’ or ‘fan girl’, because it makes me feel more glamourous. Also, I like ‘g’ words.